Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

The perfect dirndl for Oktoberfest

Strut your stuff at Oktoberfest in proper traditional gear!

It’s perfectly acceptable to show up to Oktoberfest without a traditional costume, it’s just not as fun. Slipping on a trendy dirndl will get you in the mood for Oktoberfest before you even leave the house.

It’s partly to do with the length - but there’s much more to it than that

Are short dirndls are only for tourists? A popular stereotype. Sure, classic dirndls are longer, but there are also shorter versions that you can make you look like a local. Knee-length dirndls, for example, are totally on-trend. These mid-length dresses reveal the calves, but they can never be ‘too short’. Despite all that, we do recommend you pay attention to the length of your dirndl. Very short dirndls soon prove to be impractical.

But what to wear underneath? The perfect dirndl blouse

Traditionally, white blouses were worn with dirndls at Oktoberfest, but times have also changed in this respect too. These days, blouses are available in the most diverse of colors and materials. You can wear whatever you like. Having said that, you would be wise to consider certain features when selecting a dirndl blouse. If your dirndl is colorful, we recommend you opt for a low-key blouse. On the other hand, if your blouse is a bit flashy then team it with a plain dirndl to blend in perfectly at Oktoberfest. Traditional models tastefully emphasize your décolleté. If that’s too much, you can also opt for dirndls with higher cuts. They are also totally on-trend. Also hot at the moment: blouses with delicate lace, a simple cut and a more demure neckline.

Dirndl apron: Matched in color and design

An apron is one of the most important dirndl accessories. It adds the finishing touches to every Oktoberfest outfit. Oktoberfest experts have several options in their wardrobe, each one matching the color and design of their dirndls. An apron is long enough if it finishes at the dirndl’s hem.

Look cool, stay warm: Teaming a jacket with your dirndl

At this time of year, even the warmest of Oktoberfest days draw to a close with a cool evening. A jacket is therefore a must with every outfit. Sturdy Tyrolean jackets, customarily made from felt, complement your traditional costume best. These jackets are particularly special as they have uniquely shaped buttons and stitching. If you don’t happen to have access to a Tyrolean jacket, a cardigan that matches the color of your dirndl is equally fitting.

The perfect shoes to team with your dirndl

The following also applies to Oktoberfest in particular: The look - it’s all in the shoes. Many kinds of shoes can be teamed with a dirndl. Customarily, traditional costumes are paired with simple traditional shoes with a Cuban heel. If you have a penchant for high heels and are not afraid of balancing on benches while dancing, grab a pair of classic court shoes. Wild leather and buckles or straps team well with a dirndl. Ballerina pumps and loafers are the ideal choice for anyone willing to sacrifice fashion for the sake of being able to walk around Oktoberfest grounds, even after several hours. An absolute no-go with your dirndl: sneakers and boots. Even the most beautiful dirndl could not rescue you from this fashion faux-pas. Tip: If you’re sporting open footwear, it’s best to leave your shoes at the bottom when riding a chairoplane. Otherwise, you may have to walk home barefoot!