Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Raoul Lechner: Fotostudio Be Marilyn

Photo studio "Be Marilyn"

A very special souvenir photo

The Oktoberfest: Especially for tourists who do not live that close to the biggest folk festival on earth, it is often a lifetime memory. In the photo studio "Be Marilyn" you can keep the moment forever with a very special photo.

What's special: Professional photos made at the Oktoberfest

The photo that shows sex icon Marilyn Monroe in Billy Wilder's blockbuster "The Seven Year Itch" is world-famous. The actresses' white pleated skirt gets blown up by the outgoing air of a subway shaft when she passes by. The so-called "Monroe effect" can be found on many fairs, but now you can keep this moment with a professional photo made in Raoul Lechner's photo studio directly at the Wiesn. Strong wind machines lift up the dirndl skirts on a stage two meters wide. A professional team is taking care of the "models". After a few minutes the whole thing is done and the participants will leave with a great souvenir.

Photo studio "Be Marilyn": Not just for women

Sure, the monroe effect especially looks good with women wearing traditional Dirndls. A real lederhosen probably won't move in any wind or storm. But don't worry: regular souvenir photos can be made at the studios, too. Couples, friends, the whole family - everything standing in front of the lens will be pictured. By the way: The actual photo shooting is free of charge. It is up to you to decide which of the photographs taken you want to keep - and you only pay for those. You are not obligated to buy photos. And if you do not like the result or have another idea, that is not a problem. You can repeat the shooting as often as you want.

Photo studio "Be Marilyn": Marilyn Monroe doubles at the Wiesn

Until today some visitors mix up the Wiesn, which is a folk festival, with carneval. So everyday you can find plenty of crazy costumes at the Theresienwiese. Among them, Marilyn Monroe doubles are actually not that rare. What is strange: often, those are male doubles who squeeze themselves into a dress just for their Oktoberfest visit. Let us give you an advice: You will definitely look besser in some traditional clothings like the dirndl or the lederhosen.