Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Oktoberfest News

All the news for the world’s largest folk festival

What’s new at Oktoberfest, what should you definitely not miss and what are Munich locals talking about these days? We’ll keep you in the loop. Always up-to-date!
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Unser Herz für die Wiesn: An emotional moment

A message with a lot of heart: Under the motto #UnserHerzFürDieWiesn brewers, Oktoberfest hosts, showmen and representatives of the city came together on September 19 to greet all friends of the Oktoberfest.
Wiesn-Chef Clemens Baumgärtner | ©Anette Göttlicher

Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner and his longing for the Wiesn

From the tapping to the delicacies to sitting together with people: Clemens Baumgärtner misses his festival. This year he would have had his second Oktoberfest as Wiesn boss. In our video, you can see what he misses most!
WirtshausWiesn 2020 | ©Anette Göttlicher

Wiesnwirte-Aktion: Die WirtshausWiesn 2020

What would the Wiesnwirte actually do as there is no Oktoberfest 2020? Alongside the city center landlords, they have come up with something: The WirtshausWiesn (literally means: traditional Bavarian pub's Oktoberfest). From September 19 to October 4, 2020, Munich's restaurants will be serving Oktoberfest beer, chicken and live Bavarian music. With social distancing and security, of course. You can find all information here!

Donation campaign: The "Koa Wiesn" shirt 2020

After the Wiesn jug was sold out so quickly, the "Koa Wiesn" shirt is now available for a good cause. Here you can find out where all the proceeds will go and what the t-shirt looks like when worn by German comedian Monika Gruber...

Heide family gives up the Bräurosl tent

The Heide family is saying goodbye to the Oktoberfest after 83 years and will no longer apply to run the Bräurosl tent. According to the company, the intention is to restructure and realign the restaurant in Planegg, a suburb of Munich. More reasons for the farewell, how the Heide-Volm will continue and what Paulaner boss Steinfatt says – in an emotional video statement.
People celebrating at Oktoberfest 2019 | ©Sebastian Lehner

Oktoberfest table reservations for 2020

The Oktoberfest 2020 cannot take place due to the Corona pandemic. But what happens with table reservations for the beer tents? We have asked the landlords – here you will find all the answers to your questions.

No Oktoberfest 2020: The reactions

For the first time over 70 years, the Oktoberfest has to be cancelled - due to the Corona pandemic. Not only Prime Minister Markus Söder and Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter expressed great regret about this decision. See here how Oktoberfest hosts, showmen, market traders and breweries react to the Oktoberfest cancellation in 2020.
See you in 2021 | ©Sebastian Lehner

Oktoberfest 2020 is cancelled

"It is the biggest and most beautiful beer festival in the world", said Bavaria's Minister-President Markus Söder. But the Oktoberfest will have to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic. Söder announced this today, April 21, 2020, in a joint press conference with Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter. The background, statements of Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner and all further information.