Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Anette Göttlicher

Souvenir shops

Wiesn souvenirs - from traditional to peculiar

If you’re looking for a Wiesn keepsake to take home or give as a gift to your loved ones, you’re spoiled for choice. The repertoire is large and ranges from the traditional to the peculiar.

Classics like gingerbread hearts and clothespins

One classic Wiesn souvenir is the Lebkuchenherz (gingerbread heart). You can’t really go wrong with one of these — if you choose the right icing label. If you want to enjoy your beer from an original Munich Oktoberfest stein in the future, you should never try to swipe one from a tent. Security won’t take a joke as far as that goes. But it’s worth buying an original Wiesn stein in one of the souvenir shops. Another classic are the Wiesn clothespins, or “Glupperl,” as the Bavarians call them.

Curious souvenirs from Oktoberfest — a chicken on its head

Headgear such as the famous beer hats are souvenirs to which Munich locals has become accustomed. The “Hendl hat,” which has been sold at the Oktoberfest for several years and enjoys great popularity among international guests, but tends to divide opinion. A hat that looks like a chicken and claps its thighs together at the push of a button – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you think it’s funny, this hat is a good idea. And, traditionally, the atmosphere on the Wiesn is quite relaxed and tolerant — live and let live.

The special Wiesn souvenir — Pfeiferl and photos

If you’re looking for an unusual souvenir, you should stop by the Vogelpfeifer stand not far from the Bavaria. Here you can find the original Vogelpfeiferl bird whistles, with you can use to imitate bird sounds. The bird whistles can be tested under expert guidance at the sales stand. Another special Wiesn souvenir can be purchased from the Royal Bavarian Court Photographer. Here, you can have your photo taken alone or with several people in a nostalgic ambiance, and get a great picture as a souvenir.