Fahrt zur Hölle

Modern tunnel of horror with extra long riding time: “Fahrt zur Hölle” (Ride to Hell)

In the ghost train “Fahrt zur Hölle” (Ride to Hell), horror fans get their money’s worth. And the visitors can turn into monsters themselves!

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: a three-minute trip to Hell

“Ride to Hell” – the name already suggests it: this ride is a ghost train. Passengers can expect a three-minute descent into hell over a 180-meter railway line. The journey goes across two floors in modern, closed cars. Around 25 horror characters are waiting to frighten ghost train passengers. Special effects do the rest. The smell of mold, lighting effects, a breath of wind, and of course the right scary sounds – the “Fahrt zur Hölle” will make your knees tremble. Ride at your own risk! The “Fahrt zur Hölle” is run by the showman family Dom-Jollberg and replaced its predecessor, the “Geisterburg,” in 2001.

Fahrt zur Hölle: scary fun for the whole family

Anyone who wants to give themselves the creeps should definitely take part in this “Ride to Hell.” And people who like ghost trains anyway. This is because it focuses on modernity and promises a very special experiences with thematic rooms. The “Fahrt zur Hölle” is meant to be fun for the whole family. It can be creepy – but not brutal. This is important to the operators of the ghost train. Those with physical disabilities can also ride on the train, because it is handicap-accessible.

Ride to Hell for backseat drivers: environmental consciousness

The operators of the “Fahrt zur Hölle” not only rely on modernity, but also on the environment. Hydraulic oil, which is biodegradable, is used to operate the ride. Low-emission tractors are used for transport and energy-saving lamps are used for lighting. Of course, the ghost train is powered by green electricity.