Feldl's Teufelsrad

The cult ride Teufelsrad

Feldl’s Teufelsrad is an Oktoberfest cult hit! Wiggerl Kugler and his colleagues perfect schadenfreude in a typically charming, Bavarian style. Children and adults can ride on a disc that spins ever faster. The one who stays down the longest, wins!


What’s special: rude sayings with Bavarian charm

Whoever visits the Teufelsrad (Devil’s Wheel) for the first time will be surprised: There’s no modern technology, no “faster, higher, wilder,” but instead a concept as simple as it is ingenious. In the middle of the wooden arena is a large disc that rotates. At the command of the moderator (among others, Wiggerl Kugler with his twirled moustache and rough voice) - for example “All children ages 8 to 14 years ride!” or “All girls over 18 in dirndls!” - the aforementioned group elect storms the disk and sits down. The best seats are in the middle. Then the disc sets itself in motion - slowly first, then faster and faster, accompanied by the sayings and tales of the moderators, which are sometimes rather rough, but always charming in a Bavarian way. One passenger after the other slides off the disc due to centrifugal force, and those who don’t get off by themselves are “shot down” with a skillful lasso throw or a large ball hanging from a rope.

Children, police, and grown men: a fun time for everyone

Who should go on the devil’s wheel? There are two types of Teufelsrad visitors. Those who ride and those who watch. Who prefers what is a matter of taste. Watching is fun for both children and adults, and once you’ve paid the low entrance fee, you can stay as long as you like. Who dares climb aboard the turntable will, however, have to withstand quite a bit, both physically and mentally: Wiggerl and his employees are not squeamish, and guaranteed not to be politically correct. Traditionally, the Munich police of the Wiesnwache also visit the Teufelsrad at least once and let themselves get properly “roasted.”

The Teufelsrad for backseat drivers: Karl Valentin rode along

It’s official that the Teufelsrad is a fun, even funny business: Even Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt have taken rides. The turntable with the most beautiful insults at the Oktoberfest has been at Oktoberfest since 1910. Wiggerl Kugler is a cult hit - there’s not a single Oktoberfest-goer who doesn’t know him! And if you’re lucky, you can watch the mayor himself climbing into the ring or onto the disc.