The Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse: attention, real roller coaster!

Relatively small-looking and decorated with cute little mice, the Wild Mouse rollercoaster. You shouldn’t underestimate this historical attraction at the Munich Oktoberfest, because its name says it all.

RAW, Exithamster

What’s special: the Wild Mouse is a curve star

What’s special about the actually ancient roller coaster is the unbelievable thrill that each of the many fast-paced corners – called mouse turns in technical jargon – triggers. The big roller coasters can’t measure up against the shock moment when the car seemingly threatens to shoot over the target at an airy height. This effect is further enhanced by the fact that the car is wider than the rail and you can no longer see it in the curve. Multiple loops sound extreme, and Wild Mouse IS extreme!

Wild Mouse: small, but oh my - for big and small

The Wild Mouse is actually suitable for every kind of rider: it’s family-friendly and safe, it doesn’t offer too much horror and action, but also not too little! This roller coaster is also exciting for fans of rides with tradition. Today's “Wilde Maus” (Wild Mouse, year of construction: 1994) is a new edition of the so-called “Teufelskutsche” (Devil's Carriage) from 1934. Back then the ride was still made of wood, while the current replica is made of steel. Four people each fit into a carriage of the entertaining ride, which is operated by Munich showman professionals.

Wild Mouse for backseat drivers: It made it into the movies.

The Austrian artist Josef Hader has set a cinematic monument to this small, special roller coaster. His directing debut isn’t just called “Wilde Maus.” Many scenes of the crime comedy, which conquered the box office in 2017, also take place around the roller coaster called "Wilde Maus" (Wild Mouse) in Vienna's Wurstelprater amusement park, which in the film is in need of renovation.