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Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Bodo's Cafézelt

Home to the legendary kirschwasser donuts

During the day, Bodo’s is a cozy café and restaurant tent. You absolutely must try the kirschwasser donuts! In the evenings, it’s a different story: Then it’s time for lively music, wine, prosecco and legendary cocktails.

What’s special at Bodo’s: Cozy by day, lively by night

In 1993, master confectioner Bodo E. Müller opened “Bodo’s Cafézelt”. Its homemade confectionery is now renowned in Munich and beyond. During the day, it provides a welcome break for families from the hustle and bustle of the Wiesn. It’s “griabig”, as they say in Munich – which means “cozy”. In the evening, Bodo's Café is transformed into a cocktail bar – when the festive mood takes over and a live band gets the party started.

The audience: Families and mixed audiences

During the daytime, Bodo's Café Tent is the perfect port of call for families to stop for refreshments. In addition to its famous kirschwasser donuts, you will also find delicious non-alcoholic donuts for kids. In the evening, it’s the perfect place for a flirty cocktail. There’s no beer served here – only champagne, cocktails and other spirits, making it first choice for those who want to celebrate the Wiesn with something other than beer. The atmosphere is friendly, the prices above-average and the audience mixed.

The menu: Breakfast, donuts, cocktails

If you want, you can start your day at the Wiesn with breakfast at Bodo's Café Tent. A cup of coffee with something sweet on the side, and the fun can begin. Later in the day, the confectionery attracts young and old alike: cakes, pies, donuts, strudel and more. These incredible creations show that the landlord and confectioner, Bodo E. Müller, is a master of his craft. Those who prefer savory snacks will also find something to their liking. In the evening, the drinks menu offers a wide selection of exotic cocktails and long drinks.

Only here: The celebrity confectioner

What would Bodo’s Café Tent be without celebrity confectioner, Bodo E. Müller? He is not only known for his special, sweet creations, but also for his jokes. He is also known as a carnival prince at the Munich carnival society, Narrhalla. There he is known as “Prince Bodo, the Pride of Pralinesia”.

Bodo's Cafézelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s)Otto Lindinger
Phone+49 (0)89 900 480 433
Capacity479 sitting and 108 standing
SpecialityHomemade confectionery