Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Feisingers Kas- und Weinstubn

All about specialty dishes with cheese from the Alpine region

The cozy tent, with a distinctive “cheese Pacman” on the roof, serves goodies such as raclette, schupfnudel dumplings or cheese spätzle – and also caters to vegetarians.

What’s special: the “living room of the Wiesn”

Landlady Rosemarie Feisinger gives Wiesn guests very personal experience of the world’s biggest Volksfest. At this small Wiesn tent, guests can enjoy a familiar and friendly atmosphere, because at Feisinger’s Cheese and Wine Stubn, the food is prepared with love. The unique atmosphere can also be felt in the beer garden. With plenty of places to sit and a spacious standing area, the beer garden is an extension of the tent’s rustic ambiance and offers a great view of comings and goings at the Wiesn.

The audience: the alternative for families and vegetarians

If you want to experience the cozy side of the Wiesn, you will feel right at home at Feisinger’s Cheese and Wine Stubn. It is especially loved by families, and offers an extensive children’s menu for kids, as well as a fun dining experience. Only half the available seating is held for reservations, so it’s always worth stopping by as your chances of getting a good table are excellent. Thanks to the many different Alpine cheese dishes, vegetarians will also find a variety of delicious options at Feisinger’s Cheese and Wine Stubn. Vegans are catered for as well.

The menu: Alpine dishes with cheese

The name says it all: At Feisinger’s Cheese and Wine Stubn, there is a large selection of Alpine cheese dishes and accompanying wines from France and Italy. As well as the house specialty — raclette — there are all kinds of cheeses, baked potatoes, cheese spätzle, delicious flammkuchen and schupfnudel dumplings. The food is accompanied by very palatable wines, served by landlady Rosemarie Feisinger. You can also find original Bavarian pork sausages with cabbage or delicious roast meat on the menu. For beer lovers, there is Franziskaner weissbier.

Only here: raclette under the vines

Fancy a raclette at the Wiesn? At Feisinger’s, that is not only possible, but the order of the day. Raclette cheese is one of the most popular products at this small Wiesn tent. The cheese is suspended in the traditional Swiss oven, melted and then scraped off before serving. The melted cheese is served with a baked potato or on bread, and is enjoyed by guests at the large tables with a glass of wine. The lights are hung with vines for an authentic atmosphere.

Feisingers Kas- und Weinstubn: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

HostsRosie and Max Feisinger
Phone+49 89 812 63 16
Capacity (outdoors)60
MusicDaily from 3 pm music with accordion, from 5.30 pm with a singer
SpecialityOriginal Swiss raclette and popular with vegetarians
Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither was in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.