Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn

Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn

A cozy lunch venue with an authentic Alpine feel

Meat lovers will feel right at home in the Vinzenzmurr tent. The atmosphere in the wooden cabin for 130 guests is comfy and cozy, and particularly popular with business groups.

What’s special: hops, old timber and lunchtime favorites

The tent is a secret tip for fans of delicious meat dishes. Vinzenzmurr’s Wiesn cabin, with a street stall and 130 seats, has a cozy, rustic vibe. The interior, lovingly decorated with real hops decorations and old timber, is an inviting place to linger a while. There are also many historical exhibits, providing an insight into the 100-year butchering history of company founders, Rosa and Vinzenz Murr. Especially at lunchtime, the Stubn is a real bargain with its attractive two-course lunch menu.

The audience: business groups and locals meet up in the butcher’s tent

Quick lunch meeting at the Wiesn? Whether it’s Munich locals or business people looking for a decent lunch nearby – Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn caters to them all. Although (or especially because) there is limited space in the wood-paneled taproom, locals feel right at home at the Stubn. At lunchtime and well into the evening: Companies in particular enjoy the friendly and familiar atmosphere at Vinzenzmurr.

The menu: gourmet butchery

The menu of the Metgzerstubn has a wide selection of options for meat lovers. Vegans and vegetarians might want to go elsewhere – although you can find some meat-free appetizers and desserts. The meat comes from the local Hofgut Schwaige, which is known for its outstanding quality. In addition to authentic Munich leberkäs (meatloaf), another popular dish is the ox entrecôte. The specialties of the house are served with Paulaner Oktoberfest beer or wine.

Only here: the Metzgerstubn takes a break from the Wiesn

In actual fact, the Vinzenzmurr butcher’s shop has been represented at Oktoberfest since 1980, but in 2008 and 2009, the Brandl family chose to take a break for two years. The reason: By abstaining from the festival, Vinzenzmurr wanted to put pressure on the festival management to increase the size of its plot on the festival grounds from 200 permitted seats to 550. The festival management, however, declined. The plan was abandoned, and in 2010, the butcher’s shop was allocated a tent with only 130 seats.

Vinzenzmurr Metzger Stubn: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Hosts Family Brandl
Address Wirtsbudenstr.
Phone +49 89 78043183
Reservation +49 89 78043183 or Enable JavaScript to view protected content.
Website https://vinzenzmurr.de/metzger-stubn/
Capacity 130
Music A variety of Bavarian live music
Speciality The Stubn is a butcher’s shop with its own tavern