At the Oktoberfest since 2022: Münchner Stubn

The Munich way of life comes to life at the Oktoberfest

In the Munich Stubn, visitors experience a colorful mixture of Munich history, historical figures and Wiesn culture. During the day it is the ideal tent for the whole family.


The new tent: a Munich townhouse with a black and yellow sky

In the Münchner Stubn, guests should feel as if they are in a cozy parlor: The exterior of the new, climate-neutral tent is designed in the shape of a Munich townhouse and offers space for 440 guests in spacious boxes for eight to ten people. The tent canopy is covered in Munich's city colors of black and yellow, and the shutters are also colored in Munich fashion. A musician's podium 2.70 meters high with a Bavaria picture in the background, the large brick wall and chandeliers with beer mugs on the ceiling stand out in the interior. Historical decorative pieces such as instruments and kitchen utensils create a lovely atmosphere, and quite unique at the Oktoberfest is the photo gallery with Munich personalities.

What’s special: A humorous journey through time

For some it's a reunion with childhood memories, for others simply a fun encounter with a piece of Munich culture: In the Münchner Stubn, the Bavarian capital comes alive again over the past centuries - represented by a photo gallery of personalities Munich is proud of and who are also known beyond the city limits: Karl Valentin, Liesl Karlstadt, Gustl Bayrhammer, but also legendary figures such as Monaco Franze and Angel Aloisius and the "Kini" Ludwig II hang on the wall. Tapping photos of Munich mayors such as Thomas Wimmer and Dieter Reiter recall earlier times at the Oktoberfest.

The festival hosts: Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger

The Oktoberfest tent is run by a trio: Munich couple Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger and Alexander Egger have already gained a lot of Volksfest experience and were represented at the Oktoberfest for the first time in 2014/15 with the "Die Brez'n Kathl" food stand. The landlord couple has realized a dream with their own marquee "Münchner Stubn", in keeping with their restaurant of the same name in the Bahnhofsviertel. The two "Münchner Kindl" are supported by the experienced manager Gerd Schmitz (formerly Hippodrom).

The audience: All generations celebrate together

Since the Münchner Stubn pays special attention to being a family-friendly establishment, but also offers just the right mix for seniors, it's wonderfully cozy to upbeat: Grandparents, parents, children, old and young celebrate together here. During the day, changing bands play traditional pub and folk festival music. In the evening, the mood can get a bit louder and more exuberant with the band Manyana. Because that is also part of the Munich way of life!

The menu: Bavarian specialties and popular children's dishes

With Bavarian specialties and its own children's dishes, the family outing at Münchner Stubn is also a well-rounded culinary experience: from Brotzeitbrettl to crispy pork knuckle, there's a treat for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan options. If you want to stroll on, pick up your treat at the street vendor. All dishes are made from organic, regional and seasonal foods. At the Mittagswiesn there are discounted meals, e.g. turkey schnitzel with butter spaetzle. Paulaner beer is served, as well as wines and schnapps. And on the two Oktoberfest Tuesdays, the festival hosts offer especially low prices for children and families.

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Hosts Kathrin Wickenhäuser-Egger, Alexander Egger and Gerd Schmitz
Capacity 440
Beer Paulaner
Music During the day: Tavern and folk festival music, in the evening: Manyana
Historical decorative pieces and gallery of Munich personalities