Graphic designer Annika Mittelmeier from Munich wins the Oktoberfest motif competition

The Oktoberfest motif for 2024 has been chosen

Freitag, 9.2.2024 • 11.00 Uhr
Graphic designer Annika Mittelmeier from Munich has won the Oktoberfest 2024 motif competition. Second place went to the design by Sarah Schuhmann from Würzburg and third place to the motif by Reinhold Singer from Augsburg.

RAW, Stefan Dohl
On Friday, 9 February, Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of Economic Affairs and Oktoberfest Director, presented the winning motifs of the 2024 Oktoberfest motif competition.

"Winning design embodies the tradition and modernity of the Wiesn"

RAW, Stefan Dohl

Clemens Baumgärtner, Chairman of the poster jury and Head of the Department of Labor and Economics: "Our winning design embodies the tradition and modernity of the Oktoberfest, radiates an unconditional zest for life and at the same time is an invitation to the whole world to celebrate the Oktoberfest with us in Munich. The depiction of a joyfully smiling Munich child is a great, internationally understandable advertising message for the city. The suitability for all licensed articles is also excellent."
The Oktoberfest poster jury therefore decided by a large majority in favor of Annika Mittelmeier's design.

The presentation of the 2024 Oktoberfest poster in the video

Beitrag auf Instagram ansehen.

1st price: Annika Mittelmeier

RAW, Moritz Röder
The official 2024 Oktoberfest poster has been finalised.

Friendly and colorful - the official Oktoberfest motif 2024 is a cheerful welcome to all Wiesn guests. The winning design by Annika Mittelmeier conveys the unique feeling of life that arises when strolling through the Wiesn like no other of the submitted motifs. All the core elements of the Oktoberfest are staged professionally, vividly and with endearing humor. The smiling Münchner Kindl in the center is the striking eye-catcher and symbolizes the hospitality and cosmopolitanism of Munich and the Oktoberfest. A poster that still resonates after a second and third glance.
As an original "Münchner Kindl", 33-year-old Annika Mittelmeier has many fond memories of the Oktoberfest. After studying art and multimedia at LMU, she has been working as a graphic artist and designer since 2016. 
The winning motif also did well in the online voting by Oktoberfest fans and came in 2nd place.

2nd price: Sarah Schuhmann

RAW, Stefan Dohl
A well-deserved 2nd place.

The design by communication designer Sarah Schuhmann is colorful and bold, a definite eye-catcher. It is one of the particularly well-crafted entries in this year's Oktoberfest motif competition. Various elements that stand for the Oktoberfest such as the beer mug, dirndl, pretzel, tuba, heart and Ferris wheel are combined in a colorful, clearly structured, modern and original way.
Sarah Schuhmann from Würzburg has been working as a freelance information designer since 2017 and completed her Master of Arts in Information Design at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in 2020.
Sarah Schuhmann's design came 7th in the online voting.

The competition

The Department of Labour and Economic Affairs (RAW) of the City of Munich has organised the Oktoberfest motif competition, which has been held online since 1952, in cooperation with the official city portal The jury for the competition consists of nine specialist judges from the fields of advertising and design and the head of the Department of Labour and Economic Affairs, as well as six expert judges from the City Council. Anyone who had uploaded a poster design for the Oktoberfest in accordance with the technical and content specifications could take part. This included professional designers as well as dedicated self-taught artists.

120 designs were uploaded, 60 of which made it into the public vote. In the online voting, 8,198 Wiesn fans cast 36,977 votes to determine the 30 most popular poster designs. From these, a jury of expert and specialist judges selected the winning design for the Oktoberfest poster without knowing the entrants or the result of the public vote. The design competition was announced prominently on all channels and on and the content was shared.

Prize money and use of the winning design

RAW, Jan Saurer
The poster motif also adorns the official series of beer mugs, which are highly coveted by Oktoberfest fans and collectors every year.

The winners will receive 2,500 euros for 1st place, 1,250 euros for 2nd place and 500 euros for 3rd place. The award-winning motif for Oktoberfest 2024 will be featured online, on social media, on licensed merchandise and on posters. It will also adorn the official series stein, continuing the series of coveted collector's steins that began in 1978.