Oide Wiesn – pure nostalgia

Oide Wiesn: the best amusement rides and performers

Families with children especially enjoy strolling around the Oide Wiesn with its nostalgic rides that only cost 1,50 euro.

München Tourismus, Tommy Loesch

Rides at Oide Wiesn: the older the better!

It’s generally considered rude to ask older generations about their age. But the total opposite is true for nostalgic rides at the Oide Wiesn: the older they are, the more appealing. Here you can find treasures from a time when you still had to be invited to Oktoberfest by the Bavarian royal family. The treasures of Oktoberfest past, which are around 100 years old, are spruced up for the Oide Wiesn. They are cleaned, painted, crafted and polished to restore their shine until their appearance resembles that of the olden days. We will introduce you below to a couple of performer organizations and amusement rides that certainly don’t belong in a scrapyard just yet.

Runter mit dem Zylinder [down with the hat] (1910)

‘Runter mit dem Zylinder!’ is a football toss game that demands a certain level of precision. A leather ball is used to hit top hats from wooden heads that move up and down simultaneously – a fun game that is trickier than it looks. Despite taking many hits, the original heads remain well intact even after 100 years, where they can be admired in Munich’s Stadtmuseum. ‘Runter mit dem Zylinder’ is exclusive to the Oide Wiesn as it’s no longer capable of being transported elsewhere.

Boat swing in the museum tent (1925)

The boat swing is found in the performer area of the Oide Wiesn. It’s a ride in which guests themselves have to put in a great deal of effort to get it off the ground. Good-looking men impress their chosen ladies by pushing off the ground – showing off their physical strength, coordination and courage. Men’s performance during the roll-over in particular continues to leave its mark on women folk to this day. The first boat swings appeared at folk festivals in 1890 while the wonderful boat swings in the museum tent are from 1925. Thanks to some TLC and ongoing restauration work, it continues to glitter and beam to this day.

Fahrt ins Paradies [journey to paradise] (1939)

On the ‘Fahrt ins Paradies’ ride visitors soar over four hills through mountains and valleys. The carousel turns rapidly at a speed of almost 40 kilometers per hour and really puts you in high spirits. The ‘Fahrt ins Paradies’ was built in 1939 and guests enthused over its dizzying twists, the likes of which had never been seen before. Thereafter, the mighty ride spent almost 60 years gathering dust in a shed. It was 2003 before the Schleifer family of performers discovered the well-preserved wooden carousel with 16 cars. Careful and loving restoration led to the ride being revamped in the following years, and since 2010 you have been able to journey to paradise once more at the Oide Wiesn.

Calypso (1966)

The place where memories come to life: the Calypso and its colorful cars spin rapidly, guaranteeing butterflies or a queasy stomach to anyone who dares ride it. Today, the Calypso is very popular among young and old alike, just as it was in by-gone days. The Calypso has been spinning on the Oide Wiesn since 1966, but it had to be put into storage for a long period after an accident occurred. It was dug out in 2010 to mark the anniversary of Oktoberfest, where it has since secured a permanent place at the Oide Wiesn. Yet its not quite as original as before: the back wall was replaced in the nineties and out of the twelve colorful cars only one dates back to the beginning, all the others are new. But that’s not important — music, flair and a trip on the Calypso brings you back to the sixties, awakening some wonderful memories. Modern versions of the Calypso can also be found on the grounds of Oktoberfest itself: here the Breakdance ride catapults its guests through the air.