All of Munich was Wiesn!

That was the WirtshausWiesn 2023

The WirtshausWiesn was also something very special in 2023: From September 16 to October 3, it once again took place parallel to the Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese - with Bavarian music in the pubs and beer gardens, with delicious food and plenty of Wiesn atmosphere in the city center. What you could experience at the fourth WirtshausWiesn: Here's all the info.

Pressekonferenz zur WirtshausWiesn 2023
Gunnar Jans
(from left) Landlords Gregor Lemke and Peter Inselkammer, the new Münchner Kindl Franziska Inselkammer, Andreas Steinfatt (Chairman of the Munich Breweries Association) and Bernd Döpke, Head of the BMW Munich branch (as WirtshausWiesn partner) at the press conference.

"All of Munich is Wiesn!": WirtshausWiesn entered its fourth round in 2023

At first, the WirtshausWiesn, a joint venture of the Association of Munich City Center Innkeepers and the Association of Munich Wiesnwirte, existed only on its own. In 2020, it had its premiere at that time: in the year in which the Oktoberfest - due to the time - had to be cancelled (which was then repeated again in 2021). In 2022, the time had come: for the first time, the WirtshausWiesn was celebrated parallel to the Oktoberfest.

This baptism of fire became a complete success, and so also in 2023 (and further): "All of Munich is Wiesn!" Because the Oktoberfest atmosphere was not only to be found on the Theresienwiese, but also in the 40 or so participating inns and beer gardens of the city center innkeepers and their friends.

Musik bei der WirtshausWiesn 2023
Ole Zimmer

Swinging music and Bavarian delicacies: What was going on at the WirtshausWiesn 2023

Around 40 catering businesses were taking part: from pubs and beer gardens to cafés, gourmet restaurants and pubs. You could easily recognize the participating restaurants by the logo on the posters, roll-ups and flags. Here you can find the complete overview >>

Inside, the pubs were individually decorated, for example with fresh hops and the special WirtshausWiesn gingerbread hearts. There was also a special mug for WirtshausWiesn 2023.

Where did the music play?
For perfect Oktoberfest flair, you could sway to live music in a number of venues. For example, in the Augustiner am Platzl, Augustiner Klosterwirt, Augustiner Stammhaus, Ayinger am Platzl, Bratwurst Glöckl, Hofbräuhaus, Münchner Stubn, Ratskeller or Schneiderbräuhaus im Tal, the music was always on. Probably the longest - also musical - WirtshausWiesn pleasure was in the Roy Bar in the Hackerhaus basement: On some days it went here until five in the morning.

What was on the culinary menu?
The restaurants of the WirtshausWiesn offered (mostly with an extra menu for the general) the well-known and popular Wiesn delicacies. In addition to chicken, knuckles or Steckerlfisch, Bavarian creative cuisine was often on offer. Here is a little taste >>

How much did the beer cost?
Of course, the original Oktoberfest beer was also available - and at the normal prices that also apply in other pubs.

Was a traditional costume necessary?
It is part of the Wiesn atmosphere: The waiters and waitresses usually spoiled you at the WirtshausWiesn in dirndl and lederhosen. For the guests, too, the motto was: "Come in traditional costume (if you want to)!"

Frauen im Biergarten bei der WirtshausWiesn
Anette Göttlicher

WirtshausWiesn 2023: Innkeepers looked forward to 18 days of Oktoberfest atmosphere

"In the first two years, the WirtshausWiesn was due to the pandemic, as the Oktoberfest did not take place," said Wiesnwirte spokesman Peter Inselkammer before the WirtshausWiesn 2023. "This year, we are celebrating parallel to the big Oktoberfest for the second time - and it's great that it's still so well received. Our slogan "All of Munich is Wiesn!" really applies as a result: to the WirtshausWiesn and to the big Wiesn."

Gregor Lemke, spokesman for the Association of Munich City Center Innkeepers, was also looking forward to 18 days of Oktoberfest feeling in the city: "What is special about the WirtshausWiesn is simply the basic idea of this "All of Munich is Wiesn!". That we can transport this feeling of life, which we have already had for hundreds of years at the Oktoberfest, even more into the city and experience it all together. We will have atmosphere. We will have delicacies and we are looking forward to you."

Review: The WirtshausWiesn 2022 was this good

In 2022, the WirtshausWiesn was a complete success - with good visitor numbers, satisfied landlords and a great atmosphere. What was striking was how the WirtshausWiesn, which is reminiscent of the origins of the Oktoberfest, always met with enthusiasm, especially among the people. "We are very pleased to see how many people came to the WirtshausWiesn: almost all of them in traditional costume and with a visible enjoyment of tradition, tavern music and Bavarian delicacies," said Peter Inselkammer. The music provided additional Wiesn flair - and the Oktoberfest delicacies, which were available at all WirtshausWiesn participants, were also in great demand: chicken and duck, sausages, spit-roasted ox, knuckle of pork or even Kaiserschmarrn.

Musikanten bei der WirtshausWiesn
Anette Göttlicher

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