The tallest mobile drop tower in the world: SkyFall

If you always wanted to try out bungee jumping without the risk and aren’t afraid of heights, this is the place for you.

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: mega view and extreme adrenaline kick

The SkyFall is the tallest mobile drop tower in the world: The ride owned by the Munich performing family Michael Goetzke rises 80 meters into the sky, and has been a real crowd magnet since its premiere at the Munich Oktoberfest in 2013. 24 passengers can be seated on the seats of the compressed air platform, and are pulled about 75 meters to the top of the tower by a steel cable. Far above the hustle and bustle of Oktoberfest, the platform rotates and offers breathtaking views over the whole of Munich. But the real kick is yet to come: Suddenly, the passenger sled disengages and races towards the ground in free fall without any rope connection, before it is gently “caught” by the magnetic brakes.

Not for anybody with vertigo: rapid fall from a height of 80 meters

Who should ride or fall on the SkyFall: To enjoy the bungee fun, you should definitely be free of vertigo! After all, it goes really high; at the highest point, you’re 80 meters away from the ground. From this height, even the Ferris wheel suddenly looks tiny. At the moment of the controlled fall, every passenger reacts a little differently: from loud screeching to bright laughter to quiet numbness, everything’s there. But in the end, when you have ground under your feet again, everyone agrees: It was worth it. If fear of heights isn’t a problem, then the SkyFall guarantees fun for young and old, and is a great experience for the whole (vertigo-free) family that should not be missed.

SkyFall for backseat drivers: real freefall in the gondola

In the SkyFall, the name says it all: The passengers actually experience a freefall from a lofty height as the elevator and gondola are separated. At the highest point of the SkyFall tower, the gondola is noticeably released and dropped. Pure bungee sensation! A bit more than half way down, non-contact magnetic brakes gently absorb the freefall. The magnetic brakes operate without current and thus guarantee maximum safety. Hydraulic end buffers finally bring the gondola to a standstill just as gently.