Marstall Festzelt: Reservation, atmosphere, history

Delicacies in a cozy Oktoberfest living room

Lovingly decorated, good food, and friendly service make up the charm of the youngest of the large Oktoberfest tents. Caution, party people: No one gets on the benches until 4 p.m.

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: stylish Art Nouveau ambiance to feel good in

The colorful Art Nouveau façade gives a preview of the stylish interior of the marquee. Inside, a mixture of Bavarian coziness and exuberant atmosphere awaits you, with Spaten and Franziskaner beer being served. During the day, families get their money’s worth. You can relax with good music and a menu that makes your mouth water. Only in the evening can you experience the exuberant party atmosphere here. Experience has shown that the big bar at the back of the balcony is the most crowded.

The history: the youngest Oktoberfest tent also embodies tradition

As the successor to the Hippodrome, the Marstall has had a firm place at the Oktoberfest since 2014. The tent design was inspired by the history of the Oktoberfest with its close connection to horses. “Marstall” used to be the name for the Royal Riding School, and in 1810 a horse race was held on the Theresienwiese in honor of the royal bride and groom: the date of Oktoberfest’s birth. The eye-catching decorative horses distributed throughout the tent are a reminder of this.

The audience: a tent for families, celebrating done in the evenings!

It’s a matter close to the festival host’s heart: everyone should feel at home in the Marstall. The beer garden and festival tent are particularly family-friendly. Free aisles, plenty of changing tables, and a menu for the little ones make the Marstall an ideal family tent. During the day, people meet here for cozy chats over beer sets decorated with tablecloths before the party begins in the evening. Reservations are made during the week for lunch and dinner, while on the weekends there are three time windows: morning, afternoon, and evening.

The music: from hearty to iconic

The music carousel with its spinning horses is an absolute eye-catcher in the tent. From here, visitors are provided with varied music by two different bands. In the evening, 2022 was heated up in the Marstall by the new band Königlich Bayrische Vollgas Orchester. Although so completely new the 5-member combo is not: Three members belonged in former times to the Munich Zwietracht, which made mood so far in the tent.

The menu: veal specialties and Oktoberfest classics

The Marstall has traditional Oktoberfest dishes such as chicken or ox roast, but also unusual delicacies such as fawn’s back with chanterelles and giant black tiger prawns. Very popular is the homemade “Kaiserschmarrn” (sugared pancakes) with plums and apple sauce. Special offers have been devised for children and seniors. There’s also a selection of certified organic, vegetarian, and vegan dishes, such as homemade quinoa and chickpea patties. Add to that a tasty Oktoberfest beer by the Spaten brewery or a delicious Franziskaner — Cheers!

For backseat drivers: Quadriga as a thank-you

At the top of the tent is the Quadriga, which consists of four trotting and ascending horses and a Bavaria. The figure, which was made together with the music carousel in Dresden, is also a symbol of gratitude from festival host Siegfried Able to his wife and two daughters. The horse figure is illuminated in the evening and is one of the many eye-catchers on the Oktoberfest.

Marstall Festzelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s) Siegfried and Sabine Able and family
Address Wirtsbudenstr.
Phone +49 (0)89 31205529
Fax +49 (0)89 31205519
Capacity 3,200 plus 230 standing places
Capacity (outdoors) 882
Brewery Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
Beer Alc. 5.9 % vol., 13.7 % wort
Music Evenings: Königlich Bayrisches Vollgas Orchester
Speciality Cozy festival tent, unique art nouveau ambiance