Ochsenbraterei: Reservation, atmosphere, history

Exceptional meat specialties: Nomen est omen!

The specialty is in the name and has to do with the entrance: More than 125 oxen are eaten here during Oktoberfest.

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: no oxen remains anonymous

For many years, the Ochsenbraterei has been a magnet for visitors who like it hearty and don’t have the traditional “roast chicken” in mind. According to their own statement, the world’s best oxen are processed here, without exception after a happy life. As a nice gesture and out of respect for the animals, the names and weights of all the oxen are immortalized on boards. Whether you introduce yourself by name to the dish you order is up to you...

The history: grilled ox as a happening

The tables have been turned at the Oktoberfest since 1881. That was when a whole ox was roasted on a specially designed machine. It was run by butcher Johann Rössler, who not only knew something about meat, but also about marketing in its early form. With posters advertising a “rare amusement for the people on the Theresienwiese,” he made the birth of the Ochsenbraterei a well-attended event. The Ochsenbraterei has been owned by the Spaten-Franziskaner brewery since 1980. They built a new festival hall in 2017, combining traditional and modern elements in a way that’s “Oktoberfest-suitable.”

The audience: tradition-conscious connoisseurs instead of tourists

The call of the tender meat precedes the roasting of oxen — and across generations, at that. Nevertheless, the Ochsenbraterei is a classic regulars’ tent where many Munich companies and clubs reserve tables. The traditional tent is very popular with locals, while party-happy Oktoberfest tourists are more likely to be found in other tents.

The music: a brass band that can do everything

During the day, the Ochsenbraterei is rather proper with traditional brass music. But the total of 24 professional musicians and singers under the direction of band leader Mathias Achatz can also do things differently. The later the evening, the more varied the repertoire. Then it gets to the hits, chart-toppers, and of course the latest Oktoberfest hits.

The menu: it has “ox” all over it.

Nomen est omen - in the Ochsenbraterei as well. It’s clear that roast ox is the most ordered dish in this festival tent. Those who order the roast will receive marbled parts of beef with organic potato salad and a strong red wine sauce. But other Oktoberfest classics such as roast chicken, pork knuckles, and the vegetarian Allgäu cheese noodles are served here. Spaten Oktoberfest beer has also been available since 1980. Cheers!

For backseat drivers: “Toilet-Gate” 1892

Johann Rössler was astonished when his beer license was revoked in 1892. The reason: a lack of toilets for guests. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a mug of beer can imagine that missing bathrooms don’t have a positive effect on the atmosphere in a festival tent. In order to be allowed to continue selling beer, Rössler would have had to build a beer stand, for which he lacked the money necessary. For this reason, the Ochsenbraterei was not seen on the Oktoberfest again until 1898.

Ochsenbraterei: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s) Antje Haberl and Luis Haberl
Address Wirtsbudenstr.
Phone +49 (0)89 51085760 (during Oktoberfest)
Fax +49 (0)89 52003608
Reservation https://www.ochsenbraterei.de/en/reservation/
Website https://www.ochsenbraterei.de/en/
E-Mail info@ochsenbraterei.de
Capacity 5,900
Capacity (outdoors) 1,646
Brewery Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
Beer Alc. 5.9 % vol., 13.7 % wort
Music Brass band Mathias Achatz
Speciality All oxen are immortalized by name and weight on panels