Security at the Oktoberfest: What is allowed

What can I take with me? Checking bags, strollers and more

Here you can find out which bags and rucksacks you can take into the Oktoberfest and which you should leave at home, how the security check at the entrances works and when you’re allowed to push your baby buggy across the venue.

München Tourismus, Jan Saurer

The City of Munich and the police ensure safety at the Oktoberfest

To ensure that people can celebrate in a relaxed manner at the world's largest folk festival, the City of Munich, together with the Munich police, has developed a comprehensive security concept that has proven its worth in recent years and is constantly being adapted. The cooperation is professional and routine.

The festival grounds are fenced off and a security service checks visitors at the entrances, supported by the police. The entire Theresienwiese is monitored by more than 50 cameras. There is also a loudspeaker system that reaches the entire festival area. A flight restriction zone with a radius of 5.5 kilometers is in effect above the Theresienwiese, and two barrier rings around the Oktoberfest secure traffic. Especially for women* and girls* there is a Safe Space of the campaign "Sichere Wiesn".

The answers to the most important questions about safety aspects can be found here:

Mobile, cash, MVV ticket, keys, Kleenex, lipstick – there are a few things you definitely need to take with you at the Oktoberfest. The bag you bring them in can be up to 3 liters in volume or no bigger than 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm (approx. 8 in x 6 in x 4 in). For example that is a small handbag or a mini-rucksack. At the entrances stand security personnel who check bag size and contents, where necessary, and give each bag a “security check tag”, which changes color each day.

  • No matter how small the bag is - not allowed are gas spray cans with harmful contents, corrosive or coloring substances and objects that can be used as cutting, thrusting or stabbing weapons.
  • It is permitted to bring beverages onto the festival grounds - but not into the tents/beer gardens and not in glass bottles, these may not be brought onto the festival grounds.
  • Permitted are e.g. walking aids or medical devices, they will be checked and marked by the staff with the security check band as well.
  • Umbrellas are also allowed.

For bags and rucksacks that exceed the volume of 3 liters or the size of 20 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm (approx. 8 in x 6 in x 4 in), there are storage options at the entrances – for a small fee. Baby buggies can also be parked here. The locations of the luggage storage are well signposted and the security personnel will help further.

Basically: Yes, even if it is advisable to choose a maneuverable buggy instead of a large stroller or to have babies close to you in a carrier. Nevertheless, strollers are also allowed (without a large diaper bag). They will be checked at the entrance. Attention: In 2022 on Saturdays, on Sunday October 2 and on the holiday, October 3, buggies and strollers are not allowed all day, on the other days only until 6 pm. The so-called Kraxen (back carriers for babies) are always allowed.

The police are present with around 600 officers on the Theresienwiese and in the surrounding area and carry out checks in suspicious cases throughout the city. The police department's Oktoberfest station, which is manned around the clock, is located in the Service Center in the western area of the festival grounds (below the Bavaria, in the copper-colored box). In case of emergency you should immediately call 110 or go to the station. The police informs (not only in case of danger) about current police operations via X and Facebook