Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München

Paulaner Festzelt

Always after the stein

Paulaner Festzelt

Always after the stein

The big Paulaner stein promises what’s to be found: good beer. The modern beer pump system can handle 15 pours per minute.

What’s special: the most beautiful sunny spots, fast beer pipeline

In the Paulaner Festzelt, guests have a clear view of the band and the hustle and bustle from any seat. In the south-facing outdoor area, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunny days of autumn on the Wiesn. The smooth Paulaner Oktoberfest beer with a hoppy malt taste is tapped at top speed via the beer pipeline: up to 15 pours per tap in one minute!

The history: the Winzerer Fähndl becomes the Paulaner Festzelt

The Paulaner Festzelt has been an integral part of the Wiesn since 1895, and its beer mug on the roof has become a landmark. Until 2018 it bore the name “Winzerer Fähndl,” and was renamed to avoid confusion with the Armbrustschützen tent – the main tent of the “Winzerer Fähndl” marksmen’s guild. Since 2004, the Paulaner Festzelt has been run by Arabella Schörghuber and Peter Pongratz, the former owners of the traditional Paulaner restaurant on Nockherberg. Not only did they give the tent an extremely elaborate and proper decoration, they also gave it a technical update in 2010 and ensured an even quicker serving of beer at all counters with the first underground ring line.

The audience: Munich regulars and VIPs

Regular guests in the Paulaner Festzelt include the FC Bayern players and other celebrities. During the day, and especially on sunny autumn days, there’s a high demand for the outdoor areas facing south. A typically colorful Wiesn audience cavorts here: young, old, or in-between, everyone feels equally at home.

The music: Die Nockherberger heat it up

“Die Nockherberger,” under the direction of band leader Konrad Aigner, will heat things up for the fans of hits and oldies in the Paulaner Festzelt. “Die Bischofswiesener” are one of the oldest and most traditional Wiesn bands, and reliably bring the atmosphere in the tent to full speed.

The menu: lots and lots of Munich stories

The menu in the Paulaner Festzelt scores points not just for its own beer and the refreshing Paulaner Spezi drink, but also for a variety of Bavarian and Munich delicacies, from snacks to stews. There are three dishes for vegetarians and one for vegans: the baked sweet potato with African bean stew, tofu cream, and arugula salad. For children, the Paulaner tent offers a quarter of the Wiesn classic, farmer’s roast chicken with bread roll. And everything tastes twice as good in the sunny spots.

For backseat drivers: the beer pipeline

The Paulaner beer from the pipeline laid almost one meter underground runs to the taverns at a speed of more than 25 centimeters per second. The “Maß-o-Meter” at the taverns indicates the exact beer speed. Up to 15 pours can be tapped per tap per minute - that’s one beer every four seconds. The beer flows into the mug at about three degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit), and is served by the waiters at about six degrees (42 F).

Paulaner Festzelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s)Arabella Schörghuber
Phone+49 (0)89 50 22 22 00
Fax+49 (0)89 50 22 22 02
CapacityCapacity 6,385
Capacity (outdoors)Capacity (outdoors) 1,980
BreweryPaulaner Brauerei Gruppe GmbH & Co. KGaA
BeerAlc. 6 % vol., 13.7 % wort
MusicDie Nockherberger under the leadership of Konrad Aigner, Nachtstark
SpecialityUnobstructed view of the band, most beautiful sunny spots, modern beer tapping system
Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither was in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.