Schützen-Festzelt: Reservation, atmosphere, history

A flower balcony and sporty shots under the Bavaria

A traditional atmosphere where many shooting clubs and the south of Munich feel at home. Arnold Schwarzenegger even comes by to conduct every now and then.

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: most beautiful Oktoberfest balcony and 110 shooting ranges

It stands out, the ultra-cozy Schützen-Festzelt by the host couple Reinbold. It sits somewhat away from the Wirtsbudenstraße, offering a circulating interior gallery and above all this well-known, splendid south-sided balcony. It’s considered the most beautiful of the whole Oktoberfest– after all, it allows views of the Ferris wheel, the Bavaria, the sunset, and the cheerful hustle and bustle of the folk festival. Every year, the Bavarian Sports Shooting Federation organizes its traditional Oktoberfest shoot here, which guests can follow.

The history: one of the oldest Oktoberfest tents

The once-small inn for marksmen on the Theresienwiese became the first Schützenhalle in 1876, the Schützenfestzelt starting in 1926, and is thus one of the oldest festival tents at Oktoberfest. After the last reconstruction in 2015, the Schützenfestzelt shines in new splendor and now offers space for a total of 6,278 guests. This makes it one of the smaller beer tents, but its footprint including the shooting range makes it the largest tent on the Oktoberfest.

The audience: nobility, locals, and a few celebrities

The enterprising Reinbold family has been entertaining the tent since 1979. Together, the Reinbolds have moved “the Schützen” from its formerly unattractive peripheral location to one of the main attractions at Oktoberfest, especially among marksmen nationwide and the Munich youth. The tent is popular and hip with young and old, especially regular guests from the traditional restaurant “Zum Franziskaner”, which has always included celebrities, politicians, and nobility.

The music: legendary atmosphere with Die Niederalmer

Walter Bankhammer founded his first band in Niederalm, near Salzburg, in 1985. In the 1990s, they were already known as a show band with an international repertoire. Bankhammer performed at the Starkbierfest on Munich’s Nockherberg for the first time in 1994, bringing down a Bavarian bastion. Die Niederalmer finally made their first appearance at the world’s largest folk festival three years later. Since then, they have been the acclaimed mood cannons in the Schützenfestzelt. In the evenings, rock and pop are played to heat up the mood. No wonder the successful band always plays under the title of “Best Oktoberfest Band.”

The menu: the only place with suckling pigs

Throughout the Oktoberfest, only the Schützenfestzelt’s beer tables have it: suckling pig in malt beer prepared in the traditional ‘Franziskaner’ style. The hearty delicacy is served – also in keeping with tradition – with freshly grated potato dumplings and lukewarm bacon and cabbage salad. A Bavarian trio that melts in your mouth. Oktoberfest fans who like it sweet can’t miss the world-famous “Kaiserschmarrn” (sugared pancakes) with rum raisins and stewed plums.

For backseat drivers: the secret of the 110 shooting ranges

Marksmen have been on the Theresienwiese since that legendary day of October 12, 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I, celebrated his marriage to Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen and thus established the Oktoberfest tradition. There were up to 80 shooting ranges at that time – each 130 meters long. The marksmen were allowed to build a small inn for their food. The first Schützen-Festhalle was built in 1876; the first national shoot took place in 1896. Starting in 1926, the marksmen met in their own “Schützen-Festhalle” – which explains the location at the edge of the beer mile. As time went by, the tents got bigger and the shooting ranges smaller. This is why only ten-meter lanes of the 110 shooting ranges are used in the Schützenfestzelt.

Schützen-Festzelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s) Eduard Reinbold and family
Address Matthias-Pschorr-Str.
Phone +49 (0)89 23181224
Fax +49 (0)89 23181244
Capacity 4,923 plus 120 standing
Capacity (outdoors) 1,235
Brewery Löwenbräu
Beer 6.1 % vol., 13.8 % wort
Music Walter Bankhammer and die Niederalmer
Speciality Favorite meeting place of the marksmen scene, most beautiful Oktoberfest balcony