Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl®: Reservation, atmosphere, history

Bavarian joy, warmth and tradition

It is folk festival and traditional, the Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl®: Everyone is welcome in the tent that first opened in 2022 at the Oidn Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest).

Das Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl von außen

What’s special: old Munich Oktoberfest culture

If you want to know what the Munich Oktoberfest felt like 140 years ago, you should visit the Schützenlisl tent on the Oide Wiesn. This marquee has been on the Theresienwiese in Munich before: in 1881 as part of the 7th German federal shooting. Back then, the "Schützenlisl" Coletta Möritz not only adorned the tower facade, but also worked as a waitress in the marquee. She was a real institution in Munich - her popularity was often compared to that of the Münchner Kindl.

The Stiftl family wants to revive the Schützenlisl and is bringing it back to the Theresienwiese with all its good qualities. The tradition of folk singing is maintained. Well-known names from this period include Karl Valentin, Papa Geis and Weiß Ferdl. In the Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl®, the best interpreters of today are given a stage. In addition to well-known old songs, new hits are also performed here.

The audience: locals, families and singing fans

In the Schützenlisl, you will find a mixed audience, including many locals who value their Oide Wiesn (Old Oktoberfest). Families are welcome to take advantage of the children’s menu and special offers for family day. Everyone who comes is welcome to sing along. Sometimes the audience is also encouraged to listen, so that everyone can enjoy the performance.

The music: folk songs and brass band music

Traudi Siferlinger has been creating the BR show “Wirtshausmusikanten” for 17 years. The breath of fresh air that she brought to folk music with this show can now also be felt in the Schützenlisl® Volkssänger tent. Here, Traudi Siferlinger not only guarantees a hand-picked mixture of cheeky folk singers, snappy Gstanzl greats and snappy brass band music, she is also on stage every day. If she gets the whole tent to sing along with a light hand, every visitor can become a little bit of a folk singer.

The menu: From chicken to ox delicacies

Physical well-being is also well taken care of in the Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl®: on the menu are real Bavarian snack classics such as meatballs, pepper roasts, Leberkas, radi, obazda, gherkins and pretzels. If you want to eat something warm, you will find, for example, crispy roast pork, chicken, boiled beef or fillet of ox. For all the meat cravings, the menu naturally also includes vegetarian and vegan options. And for a sweet finish, you have the choice between Kaiserschmarrn and strudel.

Schützenlisl: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Hosts Lorenz and Christine Stiftl
Reservation https://ers.stiftl-oktoberfest.de/
Website https://www.stiftl-oktoberfest.de/oktoberfestzelt/
Capacity 1,396
Capacity (outdoors) 400
Beer Augustiner from wooden barrel in stone mugs (6.2% alcohol, 13.7% wort) and wheat beer from Hacker Pschorr
Music Folk music and brass band music. Traudi Siferlinger is on stage herself every day.
Speciality Folk singers, pub music and singing together