Wiesn Guglhupf

The café tent with a twist

Here, everything revolves around Bavaria’s favorite cake. The “revolving café bar” offers sweet and savory varieties of Guglhupf, along with coffee, tea, prosecco, wine and more. The perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat, while watching the Oktoberfest crowds stroll by.

Wiesn Guglhupf an einem klaren Abend auf dem Münchner Oktoberfest
Café Guglhupf
Everything revolves here: in the Wiesn Guglhupf café-turned-bar.

What’s special: the Guglhupf is a revolving tent

The Wiesn Guglhupf is probably the most special little Oktoberfest tent: the café roundel rotates on its own axis. If you try enough Guglhupf variations, coffee or long drinks, you can enjoy a 360-degree experience. When the weather is fine, guests can enjoy an open-air experience, but when the temperature drops in the evening, the hosts close the transparent blinds for a cozy atmosphere. The culinary Guglhupf offer is unique: the cakes come in all kinds of varieties, with nut, poppy seed and marble Guglhupf being the classics. There are also many coffee and tea variations, wine, long drinks and, of course, schnapps!

The audience: lads, lasses and party-goers

The Guglhupf carousel is a hit for everyone. From breakfast to a hearty lunch menu, to a cozy lounge atmosphere in the evening — the revolving bar enjoys great popularity from morning ‘til night. Family Tuesdays are great fun, as are rollicking party nights at the Oktoberfest.

The menu: breakfast, Flammkuchen and Guglhupf

The eponymous Guglhupf is available here in many variations. Whether nut, poppy seed or marble Guglhupf, unusual with plums or eggnog. Vegan Guglhupf variations with marzipan or banana-chocolate are also becoming increasingly popular. Tarte flambée is the flat alternative to pastries. In addition to hearty tarte flambée with bacon and onion or salmon and onion, vegetarian versions with goat's cheese, fig, rocket and balsamic vinegar are also available. Coffee and tea variations, cocoa, a generous selection of wines and long drink classics such as Cuba Libre and various schnapps round off the menu. The Wiesn secret tip: there's a beer schnapps for the burgers and a quince liqueur for the girls.

Reservation, Seats and Contact

Host Marc Eisenbarth
Adress Schaustellerstr.
Reservation No reservation possible
Website http://www.wiesn-guglhupf.de/
Capacity 60
Capacity (outdoors) 135 standing places
Speciality Guglhupf is the star of the show!