The perfect Dirndl for Oktoberfest

Tips for the right costume for the Wiesn

Of course, you can also visit the Oktoberfest without traditional costume, it's just not as much fun. With a chic dirndl, the Wiesn mood already rises when getting dressed.

München Tourismus, Jan Saurer

Dirndl-Tip 1: It's the length that counts - but not only

Sebastian Lehner

Short-cut dirndls are only for tourists? A popular prejudice. Sure, the traditional models are longer, but there are also short Dirndl variants that you can definitely wear as a local. Knee-length dirndls, for example, are very trendy. With this midi length, the view of the "Wadln" ("calves") is free, but from "too short" can be absolutely no talk. Despite everything, it is recommended to pay attention to the length. Really short dirndls quickly turn out to be impractical.


Dirndl-Tip 2: What to wear underneath? The right dirndl blouse

Traditionally, the ladies at the Oktoberfest wear white blouses with their Dirndl, but here too times have changed. Nowadays, you can see blouses in a wide variety of colors and materials. Allowed is what pleases. Nevertheless, some aspects should be considered when choosing a Dirndl blouse. If the Dirndl is colorful, a restrained blouse model is recommended. On the other hand, an eye-catching blouse is absolutely suitable for a rather plain dirndl. Classic blouse models emphasize the décolleté in a tasteful way. If that's too much for you, you can opt for high-necked models. These are also very much in vogue. Also trendy: blouses made of delicate lace, simply cut and with a rather restrained neckline.

Dirndl-Tip 3: Dirndl apron: Coordinated in color and design

One of the most important accessories to the Dirndl is of course the apron. It makes the Wiesn outfit perfect. Oktoberfest professionals have several models in their wardrobe that match the color and design of the dirndl. The apron is the right length when it matches the hem of the dirndl.

Dirndl-Tip 4: Warm through the Wiesn night: The jacket to the Dirndl

Even the hottest Wiesn days end seasonally with a cool evening. A jacket is therefore an essential part of the outfit. The most beautiful jackets to wear with traditional costumes are the sturdy Jankers, which are traditionally made of rolled sheep's wool. The special features of these jackets are details such as specially shaped buttons and embroidery. If there is no Janker at hand, a cardigan that matches the color of the Dirndl will do as well.

Dirndl-Tip 5: The correct shoes to the Dirndl

Also and especially for the Wiesn: The look stands and falls with the choice of footwear. Many types of shoes go with the Dirndl. The classics are simple traditional shoes with block heels. If you like high-heeled shoes and are confident enough to perform the balancing act while dancing on the beer benches, you can opt for classic pumps. Suede and decorative buckles or straps go well with Dirndl. Ballerinas and loafers are the right choice for all those who accept a few fashionable compromises in order to be able to walk well at the Oktoberfest even after hours. An absolute no-go with the Dirndl: sneakers and boots.Even the most beautiful dirndl can't make up for this fashion faux pas. Tip: Open shoes while riding the Kettenkarussell-Fahren ("chain carousel") better leave below, so you will not have to walk home barefoot!