Barrier-free Wiesn: A folk festival for everyone

The Oktoberfest for guests with handicap

As the organizer of the Oktoberfest, the City of Munich is concerned not only to make it possible for people with disabilities and limited mobility to visit the Wiesn, but also to make it easy and attractive. To this end, Munich works closely with the city's Advisory Council for the Disabled.

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Barrier-free travel by underground and S-Bahn, parking spaces for the disabled, ramps for wheelchairs in the tents and at many booths and rides, offers for blind Wiesn guests, wheelchair rental or disabled toilets: there are many precautions with which guests with limited mobility can enjoy the largest folk festival in the world.

Oktoberfest with wheelchair: barrier-free folk festival fun for young and old alike

The Oktoberfest's showmen and market traders are happy to provide assistance within the scope of their possibilities and to accommodate the wishes of people with disabilities. Participation at the Wiesn is also possible for people with disabilities.

Drinking water taps

Since 2023, there have been free drinking water fountains at five locations where Wiesn guests in wheelchairs can also tap water without barriers. Shatterproof drinking vessels must be brought along, but filled drinking bottles may not be brought into the tents. The drinking fountains are located outside at the WC facilities on the eastern delivery road (parallel road between Wirtestrasse and Schaustellerstraße) and behind the wine tent.

Oktoberfest information and official souvenirs

Wiesn guests can obtain information and purchase high-quality official souvenirs at three different locations on the festival grounds. The booths are each also equipped with a low sales counter (Schaustellerstraße opposite Geisterpalast, 41, Wirtsbudenstraße main entrance U-Bahn Theresienwiese, Matthias-Pschorrstraße, entrance Esperantoplatz).

Barrier-free fun on Ferris wheel, ghost train & Co.

The large Ferris wheel has been awarded the signet "Bavaria barrier-free - we are there" by the Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labor and Safety. The Oktoberfest Giant Ferris Wheel has a ramp that allows wheelchairs or walkers to reach the two gondolas suitable for wheelchairs under their own power. The ramp to the station area of the ride is designed to meet standards.

The bumper car companies Distel (street 5/11), "Bayern-Crash" (Schaustellerstraße 17), and the 2-post bumper car (Wirtsbudenstraße, 98) invite visitors with a ramp and vehicles with hand throttle control to enjoy a round trip.

Barrier-free access is also offered by the ghost rides "Ghost Palace" (Schaustellerstraße 41), "Ghost Castle" (Straße C/3) and "Ride to Hell" (Schaustellerstraße 18). The "Wilde Maus" (Street 2, East) also has a ramp, as does the running ride "Jumanji" (Schaustellerstraße 54) and the two wave fliers (Stranninger, "Wellenflug", Schaustellerstraße 7, Lechner, Wellenflieger, Schaustellerstraße 17).

Children with disabilities are also catered for: in addition to ramps with which children's rides, children's carousel are equipped, the "Children's Dream Loop" is additionally equipped with a lap belt restraint system (Street 2/7).

Fun at shooting, playing and throwing booths

Barrier-free access to the shooting and throwing booths is ensured by ramps, depending on the condition of the booth location. If a low counter is available (Eichel shooting hall, Schaustellerstraße 21, Kraus shooting booth, Wirtsbudenstraße 102), you can also test your aim from a wheelchair, as well as during "ring throwing" (Straße 3, 14). On the historic bowling alley all nines can also be pushed in a wheelchair (OW 2).

Food and drink at the snack bar and beer bar

Here, too, barrier-free access to snack stands and beer taps is ensured by ramps, depending on the nature of the stand location.

A low sales counter, as at the "Golden Cockerel" (Wirtsbudenstraße 69), the street sale at Käfer's Wiesn Schänke (Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 12), the Poschner chicken and duck fryer (Wirtsbudenstraße 47), makes shopping easier for people in wheelchairs.

This is also the case at "Herzmalerei," where you can pick up your gingerbread heart directly as a souvenir (Straße10/5).

Various beer bars offer drinks as well as a toilet for the disabled.

Barrier-free festival tent fun

All festival halls are contractually obliged to provide wheelchair spaces.

All festival halls offer at least one barrier-free entrance and are contractually obliged to provide wheelchair spaces. The large tents must offer at least 20 wheelchair-accessible spaces in the tent and 20 in the beer garden. Käfer's Wiesn- Schänke and Weinzelt must provide at least ten wheelchair-accessible spaces in the tent and ten in the beer garden.

These seats will be kept free for wheelchair users and their companions until 5 p.m. on weekdays and until 2 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and the public holiday on October 3 without reservations. After these times, seats in the marquee can only be reserved for wheelchair users and their companion. Reservations with the festival hosts are recommended.
In addition to the festival halls, the small Wiesn tents also offer a contingent of places for wheelchair users.  The following applies to both large and small tents: If the tents are closed due to overcrowding, wheelchair users can only be admitted with a reservation.

All 17 large festival halls are equipped with disabled WCs, as are most of the small Wiesn tents. The disabled toilets are equipped with a standardized locking system that can be used with the so-called EURO key.

Further barrier-free services at the Oktoberfest

In addition to the disabled toilets in the tents, at the rides and beer bars, there are a further six barrier-free toilets on the festival grounds:

  • in the Service Center Theresienwiese (SZT), festival management entrance
  • on the grounds of the Oidn Wiesn, behind the puppet theater
  • at the Esperantoplatz entrance
  • immediately after the main entrance on the right, in front of the Marstall tent
  • behind the Bräurosl
  • in street C, opposite exit OW 2 of the Oidn Wiesn
  • and a "toilet for all" at the intersection of Straße D/ Straße 6, near the disabled parking lot

These toilets can also be used with the EURO key.

The luggage storage facilities at the Hans-Fischer-Straße entrances on the southern part of the Theresienwiese (G 10) and near the main entrance (G1) provide two wheelchairs free of charge for Wiesn guests with limited mobility against a photo ID as a deposit. Reservations are recommended by calling 0176/438 315 66.

Some rides display their ticket prices in Braille. For blind Wiesn guests, snack stands and various festival businesses offer menus in Braille. In addition, some stands display the product range list and rides display the price list in Braille.

Guests with limited mobility can also take part in the Oktoberfest tours offered by Munich Tourism. The open tours of the Wiesn are aimed at individuals. Further information is available online at Group tours can also be

Barrier-free journey to the Oktoberfest

Barrier-free access to the Wiesn by subway and S-Bahn

Getting to the event site by public transport is no problem for guests with disabilities. All subway stations around the Festwiese are equipped with elevators and are suitable for people with limited mobility:

  •     U4/U5: Theresienwiese and Schwanthalerhöhe
  •     U3/U6: Goetheplatz and Poccistraße
  •     S-Bahn: Hackerbrücke
  •     U4/U5, S-Bahn S7 / S20: Heimeranplatz

The "MVG Fahrinfo München" app provides information on which lifts are currently in operation.

Barrier-free access to the Wiesn by car
On the southern part of the Theresienwiese (entrance via Hans-Fischer-Strasse) there are sufficient disabled parking spaces available for people with a blue parking permit and entitle them to free parking.

Overview of all barrier-free rides, showmen and catering establishments

Bumper cars:

  • Autoskooter | Wirtsbudenstraße 100
  • „Bayern-Crash“ | Schaustellerstraße 1
  • 2-Säulen-Autoskooter | Schaustellerstraße 35

Ghost rides::

  • „Geisterpalast“ | Straße E, Nr. 7
  • „Geisterschloss“ | Schaustellerstraße 18
  • „Fahrt zur Hölle“ | Schaustellerstraße 41

Roller coasters:

  • „Wilde Maus“ | Schaustellerstraße 32


  • „Jumanji“ | Straße 4, Nr. 5
  • „Dschungelcamp“ | Straße 2, Nr. 1


  • Wellenflieger | Schaustellerstraße 26
  • Wellenflugkarussell | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 4a

Children's rides:

  • Babyflug | Straße 3 Ost, Nr. 10
  • Kinderkarussell | Straße 5, Nr. 26
  • Kinderkarussell „Bayern-Rallye“ | Schaustellerstraße 30
  • „Kindertraumschleife“ | Straße E, Nr. 3

Shooting, gambling and throwing booths:

  • Promi-Treff Büchsenwerfen (Schießhalle Eichel) | Wirtsbudenstraße 108
  • Schießbude Kraus | Straße 4 Ost, Nr. 4
  • Schießbude „Globus“ | Straße 3, Nr. 8
  • „Ringwerfen“ | Straße 3, Nr. 14
  • Ringwerfen | Schaustellerstraße 31
  • „V.I.P. Party“ | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 24
  • Historische Kegelbahn | Oide Wiesn, Nr. 38

Snack bar & beer bar:

  • „Zum Gaumenschmaus“ | Wirtsbudenstraße 2
  • Hühner- und Entenbraterei Ammer | Wirtsbudenstraße 80
  • Baumstriezelstand | Schaustellerstraße 20
  • Kartoffelspezialitäten | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 30
  • Schlemmerhaus | Schaustellerstraße 28
  • Suppenküche | Straße 1, Nr. 5
  • Fisch Bäda | Straße 4 Ost, Nr. 3
  • Kalbsbraterei | Wirtsbudenstraße 50
  • VinzenzMurrvWirtsbudenstraße 107
  • Knödelei | Straße 5, Nr. 8
  • Hühner- und Wurstbraterei Heinz | Wirtsbudenstraße 31
  • Spanferkel Alm | Straße 5 Ost, Nr. 16
  • Rollende Metzgerei | Schaustellerstraße 505
  • Wurtsbraterei Kammermayer | Wirtsbudenstraße 75
  • Wurstbraterei Rohrer | Wirtsbudenstraße 54
  • „Da Rosswurstbrater“ | Oidn Wiesn, Nr. 25
  • „Beim Biermann“ | Straße E, Nr. 11
  • „Altes Brauhaus“ | Schaustellerstraße 53
  • „Bierstüberl“ | Straße 4 Ost, Nr. 8
  • Stehausschänke | Schaustellerstraße 501
  • Stehausschänke Sektstand | Schaustellerstraße 516
  • Fischbraterei Rupprecht | Wirtsbudenstraße 59
  • „Winter Fischhaus“ | Wirtsbudenstraße 1
  • Käfer´s Wiesn Schanke | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 10
  • „Goldener Hahn“ | Wirtsbudenstraße 77
  • Hühner- und Entenbraterei Poschner | Wirtsbudenstraße 57
  • „Herzlmalerei“ | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 28

Handicapped restrooms:

  • „Zum Biermann“ | Straße E, Nr. 11
  • Weißbierkarussell Fahrenschon | Matthias-Pschorr- Straße 54
  • Altes Brauhaus | Schaustellerstraße 53
  • Bierausschank Kollmann | Straße 1, Nr. 7
  • Bierstüberl Kübler | Straße 4 Ost, Nr. 8

Festive establishments with menus in Braille:

  • Biergarten des Familienplatzls | Straße 3 Ost, Nr. 6
  • Café Schiebl | Wirtsbudenstraße 105
  • Festzelt Fischer Vroni | Wirtsbudenstraße 102
  • Schottenhamel Festhalle | Wirtsbudenstraße 45
  • Kufflers Weinzelt | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 34
  • Fisch-Bäda | Straße 4 Ost, Nr. 3
  • Glöckle Wirt | Wirtsbudenstraße 27
  • Hühner- und Entenbraterei Goldener Hahn | Wirtsbudenstraße 77
  • Wurst- und Hühnerbraterei Heinz | Wirtsbudenstraße 31
  • Poschner´s Hühner- und Entenbraterei | Wirtsbudenstraße 57
  • Hühnerbraterei Münchner Stubn | Wirtsbudenstraße 26
  • „Knödelei“ | Straße 5, Nr. 8

Snack bars with Braille:

  • Wurstbraterei „Zum Gaumenschmaus“ | Wirtsbudenstraße 2
  • Weißbierkarussell | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 54
  • Fleck-Alm | Schaustellerstraße 43
  • Crêpes Stadl | Wirtsbudenstraße 74
  • Baumstrietzelstand | Schaustellerstraße 20
  • Spanferkel Alm | Straße 5, Nr. 16
  • Schlemmerhütte | Schaustellerstraße 28
  • Bratwurststand Kraus | Straße C, Nr. 4
  • Zettl‘s Schmankerl Alm | Straße E, Nr. 9

Assortment list in Braille:

  • Süßwaren-Standl Zimmermann-Weber | Wirtsbudenstraße 501 S
  • „Hawaifrüchte“ | Oidn Wiesn, Nr 3
  • Baumstrietzelstand | Oidn Wiesn, Nr. 21
  • Georg Rieger jun. | Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 49