Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Does it cost money to go into Oktoberfest?

Do you need tickets to visit the Wiesn or is there free entry?

The biggest Volksfest in the world doesn’t charge for entry and you don’t need to buy any tickets to enter the venue. What you still need to know before your visit can be found here.

Is there an entry free?

The Wiesn doesn’t cost to enter; anyone can wander through the venue without needing a ticket. The reason there are sometimes queues at the entrance is that security personnel check visitors’ bags so that everyone at the Wiesn can feel safe and relax.

And what about the “Oide Wiesn”?

The “Oide Wiesn”, the nostalgic “old” Oktoberfest on the south side of the venue which is a product of the 200 year Oktoberfest anniversary celebration in 2010, is separated from the main Wiesn and costs 4 euros entry. Children up to 14 years old are free. Fairground rides, however, are only 1 euro in the Oide Wiesn. After 9 pm entry is free (Note: only via the exits!)

Beer tents and fairground rides

The large and small beer tents also don’t charge for entry or require tickets. You also don’t need a reservation to enter a tent – except when the tents are closed because of overcrowding. That can happen at the weekend from the early afternoon onwards. You pay for the rides individually and before riding them at the respective cash register. Most rides give you classic ride tokens.