Hacker-Festzelt: Reservation, atmosphere, history

The Wiesn tent with the most romantic grand finale

A heavenly feeling isn’t just found in the festival beer. The tent is elaborately designed as the “heavens of Bavaria.” The “Hacker” is usually one of the first tents to be closed – and that usually remains the case.

Sebastian Lehner

What’s special: the heavens of Bavaria

The massive wooden beams of the roof construction in the Hacker Festzelt are ingeniously clad with light blue fabric. In contrast to other tents, where the fabric panels swallow a lot of light, here you actually get the feeling you’re sitting under an open blue sky with white, fleecy clouds. This special atmosphere is one of a kind - it’s probably why the “Hacker” is usually already crowded in the early afternoon.

The history: modern scenes from real Munich life

The rustic Hacker Festzelt was only rebuilt in 2016. It received a new 2,000-square-meter painting by Rudi Reinstadler, which shows many well-known scenes from Munich city life, such as a picnic on the Isar, the Eisbach Wave with its surfers, or a TV shoot scene in front of the Siegestor: “The Long Way to Sacramento” from the Munich Stories by Helmut Dietl. The revolving music podium with Schäffler crown in the middle of the tent remained. As did the famous sky, so that you truly feel heavenly in the “heavens of Bavaria.” The modern “shed roof” has ventilation beams that can be opened at any time to let in fresh air.

The audience: young to old, regulars to party people

The Hacker tent is one of the most popular Wiesn festival halls, simply because it is so beautiful, bright, and friendly, almost like a big beer garden on a Munich summer day. The audience is mixed; from young to old, everyone who’s a welcoming Bavarian, even if only for two weeks a year, feels at home in this rustic, traditional tent. Special highlight: The “grand finale” on the last Wiesn Sunday, where the beautiful interior scenery is illuminated by thousands of sparklers to almost contemplative musical accompaniment. Many a grown man is said to have gotten misty-eyed here.

The music: rock ’n’ roll in the festival tent

Not only the look, but the atmosphere too is like the heavens, peaceful and beautiful. “Die Kirchdorfer” and the “Cagey Strings,” a true rock ’n’ roll band, always provide a great vibe. And on the last Oktoberfest Sunday, the music gets a little bit romantic and melancholic again at the grand finale.

The menu: top regional quality

“The ox and veal we carve ourselves comes from the region around Munich. Sauerkraut, red cabbage, potatoes, and vegetables are supplied by the Kraus family from Ismaning. You’ll see how important regional quality and products are to us,” reads the statement by the Roiderer host family on the tent’s menu. In addition to classics like roast chicken and pork hock, appetizers include tartar and, for vegetarians, ricotta and spinach bread dumplings.

For backseat drivers: discover celebs!

If you’re still at the beginning of your visit to the Wiesn, or if you still have an eye for details despite one or two drinks, you’ll recognize some celebrities in the Munich scenes of the painting: Helmut Dietl takes a drag on a cigarette, Helmut Fischer sits with Karl Valentin in the beer garden, and former mayor Christian Ude drinks to the visitors.

Hacker-Festzelt: Reservation, Seats, Music, Beer and Contact

Host(s) Christl and Toni Roiderer
Address Wirtsbudenstr.
Phone +49 (0)81707303
Reservation https://hacker-festzelt.de/reservierung/
Website https://hacker-festzelt.de
Capacity 6,838
Capacity (outdoors) 2,540
Brewery Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH
Beer Alc. 6.0 % vol., 13.8 % wort
Music Die Kirchdorfer, Cagey Strings rock ‘n’ roll band
Speciality The most beautiful interior scenery with a modern 2,000-square-meter painting and a sky; the most atmospheric Oktoberfest finale on the last Sunday