The Oktoberfest final

The last Oktoberfest day: a grand final with a tinge of sadness

At the Oktoberfest final, there is a very special atmosphere. When the band plays one last time after all the bars have closed on the last day, a sea of sparklers lights up the beer tents. A moving Oktoberfest finale.

Sebastian Lehner

One last stroll around the Oktoberfest

When the Oktoberfest ends, you can feel a tinge of sadness mixed in with the cheerful party mood at the Munich Theresienwiese. You can feel it when you get ready for your last visit to the Wiesn. At 12 noon, the gunmen end the festival with a bang. At the foot of the Bavaria statue, the winners of the Oktoberfest shooting competition are selected with a collective salute. Shots are fired from all barrels, accompanied in true Bavarian style by a brass band playing the Bavarian anthem. Now locals and tourists have the chance to take one last stroll around the Oktoberfest. Beer glasses are raised, ride chips cashed in one last time, and the last roast chickens are served. It might seem hard to believe, having experienced this lively Volksfest, but Munich is capable of wistfulness too. The good news is: there is always another Oktoberfest!

Things get emotional on the last day of the Oktoberfest. Photo: Sebastian Lehner

The final in the beer tents

When the last night of the Wiesn reaches its end, there is a very special atmosphere in the beer tents. The Wiesn finale begins. The bands play the full program one last time and create an all-round cheerful mood. Shortly before closing time, sparklers are passed around. Now the Wiesn staff finally get to enjoy a well-earned pint, of which they have carried so many during the past few weeks. You can physically see the tension lift of them when they celebrate the last song of the year together with the Wiesn crowds. In the Hackerzelt, the traditional farewell song is “Sierra Madre”, while in the Hofbräuzelt, the sound of Robbie Williams’ “Angels” can be heard. It’s not rare for tears to be shed among the sea of lit sparklers. No one wants to believe that it’s already over. But it’s true: “All good things come to an end!”