The world's largest folk festival is set up for twelve weeks

Construction work on the Wiesn

Monday, 01.07.2024 - 10:30 a.m. (will be updated continuously)
82 days before the opening of the 189th Oktoberfest, construction for the world's largest folk festival began at 7 a.m. on Monday morning, July 1. Work will continue on the Theresienwiese for a total of twelve weeks to ensure that everything is ready for the tapping ceremony on September 21. We report regularly on the status of the construction work.

Wiesnchef Clemens Baumgärtner eröffnete die Oktoberfest-Baustelle 2024 symbolisch
RAW, Stefan Dohl
Oktoberfest boss Clemens Baumgärtner symbolically opened the Oktoberfest construction site 2024.

The construction phases on the Theresienwiese: Marquees, small tents, fairground rides

First come the large festival tents.The construction of the Oktoberfest follows a precise and fixed planning process.

The construction of the Oktoberfest follows a tight schedule.In the first construction phase, the large festival tents are erected on the Theresienwiese.Then the smaller and medium-sized tents will follow. At the end of August, the showmen come to the Wiesn. The first rides to be set up are the Ferris wheel and the roller coasters. All other rides, carousels and finally the fairground stalls are set up at the beginning of September until the week before the tapping ceremony.

Forklift trucks and lorries are now rolling across the Theresienwiese every day. First, the tent scaffolding and the Paulaner and Löwenbräu towers were erected and earthworks carried out. 

Almost 14 kilometers of cable per Wiesn tent

It is estimated that between 70 and 100 truckloads are driven to the Theresienwiese for each large tent. For all the large tents from the Pletschacher warehouses alone, over 1,000 lorry loads are brought together. For each marquee, 35,000 square meters of flooring are laid. In addition, there are 13.5 kilometers of cable, 270 meters of gas pipes and 370 meters of water pipes.

Due to the extensive construction work, access to the Theresienwiese is restricted with immediate effect. You can find out about the current crossing options across the Theresienwiese here. 

Guided tours of the Oktoberfest construction site

Führung über die Oktoberfest Baustelle - hier die Wirtsbudenstraße
München Tourismus
What is the construction schedule? How does the construction of the Wiesn work? What logistics are necessary and where are the dangers? These and more questions are answered during the guided tour of the Theresienwiese construction site.

When the construction of the Munich Oktoberfest begins, the Theresienwiese becomes a major construction site. For safety reasons, the site is then cordoned off and unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter.However, the gates to the construction site will open exclusively for participants in the construction site tour.

From July 19 to September 1 (Fridays to Sundays), Munich Tourism will once again be offering exclusive construction site tours of the Oktoberfest.On a unique 90-minute tour, all participants will have the opportunity to explore the world-famous Oktoberfest while it is still a major construction site.

Official tour guides from the City of Munich, who have been trained by the Oktoberfest management, will answer all your questions about the construction, guide you around the fascinating construction site and show you curiosities and surprises depending on the stage of construction. A must for all fans of the Oktoberfest.