The Oktoberfest Barometer

The best time to visit the Oktoberfest

About 6 million people attend the Oktoberfest each year. Although for all days everything is very convivial, there are times when it is a bit quieter and cozier at the biggest Volksfest in the world – and days when there’s particularly lots going on. Our Oktoberfest Barometer gives you an overview.

Paar sitz auf den Stufen der Bavaria in der Sonne und beobachtet das Treiben
Sebastian Lehner

The Oktoberfest Barometer – how busy it is on each day

When it’s green, it’s relatively relaxed and cozy at the Oktoberfest. Yellow means a medium number of visitors and the darker the red gets, the busier it is likely to be in the grounds. In 2023, Oktoberfest will last two days longer, from September 16 to October 3.

10am to 3pm 3pm to 6pm from 6pm
Saturday, 21.09.2024 busy busy very busy
Sunday, 22.09.2024 busy busy well attended
Monday, 23.09.2024 quiet quiet well attended
Tuesday, 24.09.2024 quiet well attended well attended
Wednesday, 25.09.2024 quiet quiet well attended
Thursday, 26.09.2024 quiet well attended well attended
Friday, 27.09.2024 quiet well attended busy
Saturday, 28.09.2024 busy very busy very busy
Sunday, 29.09.2024 busy busy well attended
Monday, 30.09.2024 quiet quiet well attended
Tuesday, 01.10.2024 quiet well attended well attended
Wednesday, 02.10.2024 well attended busy busy
Thursday, 03.10.2024 busy very busy busy
Friday, 04.10.2024 well attended busy busy
Saturday, 05.10.2024 busy very busy very busy
Sunday, 06.10.2024 busy busy busy

Lunchtime at the Oktoberfest, “Italian weekend” and family days

The Munich resident who attends Oktoberfest knows his business and knows when one can enjoy a grilled chicken and a fresh beer on site, without a reservation, and take their time over it. For everyone else, we have compiled the empirical data and figures in our Oktoberfest Barometer.

On the weekend in the middle – it is particularly full. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, then it can get pretty busy in the tents. Also on the two Tuesdays – the family days – there’s more people in the afternoon. But that’s less in the tents and more by the stalls and rides for the little ones.

And of course the public holiday, October 3, attracts lots of visitors.