Oktoberfest - ein Fest der Landeshauptstadt München
Photo: Sebastian Lehner

Oktoberfest without alcohol

If you prefer to enjoy Oktoberfest without alcohol, you’ll have a large selection of drinks to choose from

Hearty beer consumption isn’t the focus of Oktoberfest for every guest. Some just don’t like the popular amber nectar, while others may still have to drive, are too young, or don’t drink alcohol in general. Other beverage options and prices can be found here.

Quench your thirst with mineral water

There are tents like the Schottenhamel, where a pour of water costs around seven euros. In other tents like the Fischer-Vroni or the Augustiner Festzelt, you’ll pay around eight euros. In the Schützen-Festzelt and many other tents, thirsty water-drinkers will even be charged nine euros and up. In the Wine tent, you’ll have to set aside about 12 euros for the bubbling, yet alcohol- and calorie-free pleasure.

This is what the other non-alcoholic drinks cost

There have also been price increases for lemonade. Fans of the sweet drink and parents of children will pay between seven and eleven euros for the “Kracherl,” depending on the tent. If you want to drink Spezi, a mix of cola and orange lemonade, you’ll pay more than 8 euros in every tent. Conclusion: If you’ve decided on non-alcoholic drinks over the Wiesn beer, you can save money by knowing which tent to visit.

Water for the Wiesn hangover

The best remedy against intoxication and an aching head the day after is of course — and for everyone, no matter if you’re from Munich or Tokyo — drinking in moderation. Tip: Drink about half a liter of water for each beer!

Important: Non-updated information on this page refers to Oktoberfest 2019. There was no Oktoberfest in 2020, neither was in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.